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General Karate Information

There are nine student levels, also called kyu grades.   These kyu grades are signified by the colors of the belt, and these belt colors have meaning within our karate system.   There are also 9 advanced grades, called dan grades.   These grades signify the student's proficiency in the art.  It is the purpose of the colored belts to indicate not the length of time in the art, but to describe the level of training.

White belt -- The color of purity; symbolizes an innocent mind
Yellow belt -- The dawning of a new day
Blue belt -- The color of a new and open mind
Purple belt -- The color of mild confusion
Green belt -- The color of fresh and growing things
Brown belt -- The color of the earth (Solid and Unyielding)
Black belt -- The color of void (Empty of all pretensions)

Each student should strive not for the belt, but for the knowledge that the belt represents.   In the earlier times, the intensity of one's training was represented by the dirt on one's white belt.  The longer and the more intensely the student trained, the darker his belt became until the white belt, which was the beginning, became the black belt of successful accomplishment.  As the karateka continued to train and grow, the belt became worn and faded, eventually returning to white, and a return to an unclouded mind.


9th Kyu White belt                                           3 months
8th Kyu Yellow belt                                          3 months
7th Kyu Blue belt                                              3 months
6th Kyu Green belt                                           4 months
5th Kyu Green belt                                           4 months
4th Kyu Purple belt                                          4 months
3rd Kyu Brown belt 3                                      6 months
2nd Kyu Brown belt 2                                     6 months
1st Kyu Brown belt 1                                      12 months
1st Dan Black belt         Shodan                    24 months 
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