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Sensei Irvine
Sensei Irvine has trained in various martial arts for over 28 years.  He began training in Aikido and Karate with his father, who had trained in Japan and Okinawa after World War II while serving in the US Marine Corps.  In high school, Sensei Irvine began training Shito-Ryu with Kevin Gurganus in Durham North Carolina.  Aside from his time in the Marine Corps, Sensei Irvine trained with Sensei Gurganus until 2001.  Since that time, work obligations have required Sensei Irvine to move around the country several times, including another enlistment after 9/11.  He has trained with several traditional Karate instructors since then, and has become exposed to several different styles of Karate.  Since moving to Flowery Branch, Georgia, Sensei Irvine has committed to remaining in North Georgia, and has begun teaching in Shito-Ryu again.
Sensei Todd Irvine
Chief Instructor

learning self-defense
Sensei Irvine sparring with his first instructor, Sensei Gurganus in 1989.
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