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Kata Requirements for Testing

Hachi kyu - Yellow Belt
Shi Ho No Ho
Go ho No Uke (5 block kata)
Taikyoku Shodan
Shichi kyu -   Blue Belt
A. Chi No Kata (Earth Kata)
B. Taikyoku Nidan
C. Empi Roppo
Roku kyu - Green Belt
A. Pinan Shodan (Peaceful mind one)
B. Pinan Nidan (Peaceful mind two)
Go kyu - Green Belt, Black Stripe
A. Pinan Sandan (Peaceful mind three)
B. Naihanchin Shodan ()
C. Pinan Yondan (Peaceful Mind Four)

Yon kyu - Purple Belt
A. Pinan Godan (Peaceful Mind Three)
B. Matsukaze (Pine tree blowing in the wind)
San kyu - 3rd Brown Belt
A. Seisochin
B. Jutte (Compassionate Hands)
Ni kyu - 2nd Brown Belt
A. Seiuchin (The Saint)

Ik kyu - 1st Brown Belt
A. Saifa (Final Breaking Point)
B. Jion (Temple Sound)
C. Sochin (Calm Power)

Sho dan - 1st Black Belt
A. Bassai Dai (Breaking down a fortress)
B. Rohai (Crane standing on a Rock)
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