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Learn self-defense, focus, discipline
and improve your fitness. 

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Karate for Women

For Centuries, women have learned to defend themselves by training Karate.  Traditional Karate uses skills that train you to overcome attackers who are bigger and stronger than you are.​​

Karate also provides several other benefits.  Try a class now, and see for yourself how Karate can:

Help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals quicker
Provide relief from the stress of our busy lives
Build your confidence 
Call today for a free trial class:  470-310-0094 
or email:  [email protected]
Women and men train together in the adult Karate classes, where you can train with people of all sizes to better prepare for a real like self-defense scenario.

We also offer:
  • Private classes
  • Small group classes just for women
  • Self-defense workshops for organizations
Please call for more information:  470-310-0094
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